Can seniors cure stress and sleepless nights?

Hutts Strange World

Can Seniors Cure Stress and Sleepless Nights? Dr. Oz Says Yes!…But What Will Big Pharma Say?

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is promoting the stress-eliminating, sleeplessness remedy that major pharmaceutical companies DON’T want you to know about!

Agnes Jones is a retired teacher in her mid-70’s who lives with her husband, George, in Boca Raton. George and Agnes used to enjoy many of the activities that retired seniors in Florida enjoy: golf, walking along the beach in the evenings, spending time with their grandkids, and more. But recently, Agnes has started having sleep problems. She tosses and turns at night, often waking up George and forcing him to sleep in another room.

Their sleep problems are making it difficult for them to enjoy their lives the way they used to. Either they’re tired all the time during the day, or their sleep schedules no longer coincide with their grandkids’ or their friends’ schedules…

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