Downside to NZ’s booming Manuka Honey industry…

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Downside to NZ’s Booming Manuka Honey Industry

The global craze for manuka, highly valued for its medicinal properties, has created a gold rush in rural New Zealand that some believe is rapidly spiralling out of control, Eleanor Ainge Roy reports in a feature for the Guardian. Its popularity has led to mass poisonings, thefts, vandalism and beatings.

When tens of thousands of bees died in 300 hives in the otherwise idyllic landscape of Doubtless Bay, the day became known as “the massacre”.

For David Yanke (pictured) and Rachel Kearney, co-owners of Daykel Apiaries, the cause of death was obvious: malicious poisoning.

“It is a nightmare, I don’t feel safe any more,” says Kearney as she sits at her kitchen table on her family’s farm, 40km east of Kaitaia. “I feel violated.”

Daykel and many other apiarists are in no doubt that the mass bee death…

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